Each feeling, thought and sensation is a physical energy with its own frequency.  It helps to think of information as sound waves.  Once we learn how to be in tune with those frequencies, we are able to understand other species on a subtle and deeper level.

       * Physical sensations -- you feel within your own body
       * Pictures, images or a video you comprehend with your inner eye
       * Thoughts you hear with your inner voice
       * A knowing in your gut when the information just pops in and you "just know"

Listening to animals in spirit or in body required "tuning in"  these frequencies.  This is how animal communicators and mediums for both humans and animals are able to connect with the energies of spirit.

Whether you are an animal communicator or you simply enjoy the company of animals, It is evident that having an emotional connection with an animal does wonders for a person's well-being.

Then again, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention itself has noted that there are many benefits when you have animals around. Pets often push their owners to go outdoors for exercise. At the very least, pet owners do tasks that are related to pet care. These activities often lead to opportunities to socialize with others. Thus, pet ownership has been associated with lower blood pressure and emotional well-being. Pet owners feel less lonely and get a psychological boost from the very presence of their pets.

Animal communicators have helped people strengthen their bond with their pets. An animal communicator serves as a facilitator in the inter-species communication. Essentially, this involves putting both the pet owners and their pets in a calm and relaxed setting where they can communicate without any distractions.

Sondra Milovich - the woman behind Love Speaks to Animals - is an experienced animal communicator who is known for her calm presence and insightful assessment.

Sondra is also a Level II Reiki practitioner which means she can perform a Reiki healing session on an animals in a distant location. This discipline has added another dimension to her work with pet owners and their animals.
    Animal communication is basically telepathy, words, images, and feelings that are transmitted between the animal and myself through an energetic connection.
    Reiki (Ray-key) literally translates to mean "Universal Life Energy". This is the energy that gives plants, animals, and humans life.
    Katharine Turner Mays helped me see my ability to speak to animals in body and in spirit and always kept me spellbound by her belief in me.
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    Miel is a 15 yr old Bichon.  Her mom, Tissie, brought her to me for a reading because she was concerned when Miel would pace and cry in the hall and she thought she might be in pain or getting senile,  When I watched a video of Miel crying,  I realized she was connecting with the Spirit of a dog that had died in the backyard long before Miel had come to live in the same house. Miel sent me the image of a large, mixed breed, tan dog with black points.  I shared this with Tizzie and she confirmed that it was Cody.  He was 11 yrs old when he died in the backyard,. Cody was coming through Miel to get closure about his death as he was not able to say goodbye to his boy, Elliot, who he loved very much. I informed Tizzie that Miel was a dog that helped people and animals cross over. 

    The following day Tissie sent me this text:  "I have thought about our meeting all day today.  Thank you so much for your time. I appreciate you sharing your wisdom with my husband and me.  It really changes the way I look at Miel. My husband agrees.  You truly have a gift."

  2. Annie left the backyard through a hole in the fence and was missing for one week. Hi Sondra, "Thank you for helping us find Annime. Your heartfelt concen and willingness to pitch in during a time of stress that only fellow pet lovers can understand was amazing and wonderful. We are forever grateful. We are always in your debt--call upon us anytime you need us.

    - Leigh & Dayne Choate
  3. I lost a dear friend when Jojo passed away. Sondra was able to share with me what JoJo was feeling and thinking during her last few hours. I felt Jojo's energy and the love we shared. This was the most beautiful gift a person has ever given me. Sondra was able to bring up details that only Jojo and I shared on her final ride to the vet. Jojo showed Sondra a picture of her in a bag and she was quite distraught. When Sondra shared this with me, I remembered how upset I was that the cremation service had forgotten Jojo an she remained in a body bag, in the vet's freezer, for an "undignified" length of time. We acknowledged Jojo's sadness and indignation at being left in the freezer and apologized for those that had left her there. Sondra enjoyed Jojo's strong loving energy and found her to be a very good "animal teacher".

    - Faye T
  4. My cats, Louie and Burt, had behavior issues and were having difficulty getting along. Poor Burt, a sensitive soul, would run under my bed whenever, Louie, a more outgoing cat, would approach him with a fun "cat attack". Louis, concerned about Burt, would then lay by my closed bedroom door worrying if he had hurt Burt. Sondra was able to connect with both Louis and Burt, understanding their personalities and issues. She communicated to Louis that he had not hurt Burt, but that his attempts at play were too overwhelming. Once he understood that Burt was not as "brave as he was, his attempts to play became softer and they became fast friends. At this time, they are playing well together and even sharing the same blanket. Thank you, Sondra.

    - Pat K
  5. My dog Missy died 10 years ago. In our reading, she spoke of many things, but the most poignant for me was when she acknowledged a tall man standing with her in the trees. That man was my father who passed before her. He was a very tall man and he had a home in the woods of East Texas, Missy said she and the tall man shared a special relationship doing things that she and I never did. This was perfectly true. They shared a very special bodn and enjoyed long walks through the woods. My father usually wore a particular jacket when he walked the dogs in the winter and Missy acknowledged it as well; a heavy, cream and brown plaid. I walked away from my reading more comforted about both my father and my special girl. I was sure they were at peace, but it was beautiful to connect after so long...she sounds very happy. This was such a special day for me, Sondra. Thank you for sharing your gift and allowing us to connect with my girl. And what great validation about my father as well. I guess we can know he is at peace and ok. Truly amazing. It's been with me all day and will be with me always.

    - Laura K
Animal Prayer
I have manifested myself in many ways on Earth and left my most precious animal creations in your care. These beloved creatures are not yours to eat, wear, experiment on, use for entertainment or profit. They are my gift to you to teach, love, and remind you of Me and the unfathomable beauty of the Soul. Let not the Heavens rage, nor the Angels cry when one of My unloved creatures suffers and dies.
With all my love,