Sondra Milovich is the well-loved animal communicator and Reiki practitioner behind Love Speaks to Animals. Her natural talent for dealing with animals and her skills in communicating with them is further enhanced by decades of experience.
Sondra has loved animals all her life. In fact, before she became an animal communicator, she owned two grooming shops in California.  She now co-owns Dog Wash Cedar Park - located in Cedar Park, Texas  This shop has been in operation since 2008 and Sondra continues to be a groomer there.  She enjoys communicating with many of the dogs that come in for grooming, much to the delight of her customers.  

Sondra was inspired to pursue further studies in communicating with animals because of her work as a dog groomer. She started out going to workshops in her quest to become an animal communicator. With her love for animals and natural talent in handling them, Sondra's career path made perfect sense.
Katharine Turner Mays helped me see my ability to speak to animals in body and in spirit and always kept me spellbound by her belief in me.
Penelope Smith, founding animal communication specialist, and her no-nonsense approach to doing what "we can all do naturally", helped to put even the most bizarre events into perspective.
And, a special thank you to my best teachers -- all the beautiful dogs that have come into my shop, Dog Wash Cedar Park, and have communicated with me sharing their wisdom, wit and love.  Please join me on this amazing and magical journey.

​Sondra with Czerni and Tomahawk

Sondra has been an animal communicator for the last 10 years. She cites respected animal communicators Katharine Turner Mays and Penelope Smith for giving her support and much-needed advice in her career as an animal communicator.

Sondra has incorporated the guiding principles and discipline of Reiki in how she performs her duties as an animal communicator. She believes that Reiki is a powerful means of helping animals overcome stressful situations.

Sondra adores animals. However, she is also quite firm when it comes to dealing with animals with behavior problems. She calms them down and helps them deal with stress in the best possible way.

​Sondra is also the co-owner and groomer at Dog Wash Cedar Park, located in Cedar Park, Texas. If you would like to contact her, please go to: dogwashcedarp​ark.com

Katherine Turner Mays

Penelope Smith