Reiki for Animals

Reiki (Ray-key) literally translates to mean "Universal Life Energy". This is the energy that gives plants, animals, and humans life. This energy comes directly from its Source (God, Buddha, Christ, etc., depending upon what faith you follow), flows through the crown chakra of the Reiki practitioner, and then into the person, animal, or situation it is directed to. Reiki energy is naturally intuitive and flows directly to where it is needed. It is powerful yet non-invasive, painless, and will never cause harm. Reiki helps to remove emotional blocks and supports the body in self-healing.

​Reiki can be performed hands-on or at a distance. It doesn't matter if the you or the animal is across the room, across town, or across the country. Energy follows thought and intentions and will flow to the person or animal no matter where they are. This is a great benefit to animals who may be frightened by new people or who are simply too far away for me to travel to their location.

Readings/Lost Animals/Remote Viewing

Animal communication is basically telepathy, words, images, and feelings that are transmitted between the animal and myself through an energetic connection. Telepathy works much the same as radio or television waves. The information is always there, you just have to turn on the receiver and tune in!

Contrary to what many people believe, animals have deep and complex thoughts. They understand our thoughts, emotions, and words and have a sense of purpose in their lives just as we do. They are each unique spiritual creatures with a lot more going on behind their soulful eyes than we can begin to imagine.
Sondra with Joe Black... a stray that walked into her heart.
Readings are Offered at $65 per Session

  • 1 hour session
  • Payable through PayPal
  • Satisfaction Guaranteed
(512) 720-1040
Love Speaks to Animals gained a reputation as an insightful and spiritually enlightened setting for people and their animals. It is all about encouraging healthy human-animal interactions.

The accomplished woman behind Love Speaks to Animals, Sondra Milovich, is a well-respected animal communicator and Reiki practitioner. Her focus is on helping people and making sure that animals lead more comfortable lives. She takes pride in being able to help people and their animals understand each other better.

Sondra works with pet owners, animal shelters, veterinary clinics, and other places where animals are found.

Aside from on-site consultations or face-to-face therapy sessions with people and their animals, Sondra is also able to perform her tasks as an animal communicator and Reiki practitioner long distance. In cases where her service is urgently needed. In this case, Sondra performs her assessment of the animals and readings over the phone or via Skype.

Sondra has likewise been able to assist people whose animals are lost or have passed away. She understands just how strong the bond between people and their animals could be. Losing an animal is often just as devastating as losing a family member.

You may get in touch with Sondra Milovich or Love Speaks to Animals by calling (512) 720-1040. You may also send your requests for additional information and clarification to

Love Speaks to Animals approaches each case with unconditional empathy, unlimited compassion, and utmost friendliness. Everyone is made to feel welcome. Readings are offered at $65 per one-hour session, which is payable through PayPal.